Wednesday, June 8, 2011

painting, floors, and a FIRE!

we've had a busy week and have accomplished a lot with the house!  After three weeks of scraping, sanding, and spackling, we've finally gotten to the stages where we are ready to paint!

We started by priming three rooms upstairs- two bedrooms and the office, these will be our initial focus for painting.
Last weekend I was at a bridal shower in PA and was gone the entire day.  Trevor was a hero and painted all three rooms the first coat himself!  When I got back the next day we finished the other three rooms with the help of our parents.

Verizon Fios also was installed, but we don't have our tv our furniture in yet so we sit on picnic chairs and watch on our tiny tv.  the cool thing is there is an iphone app for fios so we can control the tv through our iphones!

Michael, Dad, and Trevor worked on removing all the carpet upstairs. Katie helped to remove all the nails and staples that had tacked the carpet down.  tada!!  beautiful oak floors were hidden under the ugly carpet for all these years!  We still have no idea why she put carpet down in the first place.  In the pictures below you can see our finished paint job (aside from trim work) but the old floors:

Guinness had one final run around the living room before the floors were redone:

We had our floors refinished the past couple days by a flooring company.  this involved them sanding and using an oil based finish on the wood.  We had heard this was a very messy job that would create a lot of dust all over the house but were pleasantly surprised, it was not messy at all.  the guys did a great job at cleaning up the dust that was left over.

Here;s what the floor looked like right after sanding:

And here's what it looked like after the finishing was redone... I will take pictures of all the rooms soon and post them over the weekend.  for now, this is all i could see from the foyer!

There was another adventure that occurred with the hardwood floors.  The workers left their garbage which included oil covered rags in garbage bags at the end of our driveway.  I thought nothing of it, but apparently the heat of the very hot weather caused this to burst into flames when we were not at the house!! fortunately, our neighbor saw it burning and ran and got his fire extinguisher and put it out.  We felt so bad, and were so grateful he was there to look out for us, that we made him brownies and brought them to him today to say thank you.

here's trevor after we learned about the fire.  best part about this video is the next day we found out his name is jonathan, not bob.  just another way we are impressing our neighbors.  *sigh*