Thursday, August 4, 2011


"puppies... it was the best of times, it was the worst of times"

on sunday we picked up otto!!!  he's a big ball of fur and love and has been a lot of fun so far, but also a lot of work.  he came from a home with 8 litter mates, four adult dogs, and 4 kids under the age of 8 plus a stay at home mom so he had a lot of activity and company at all times.  when we leave him in the crate, he starts barking... but we have learned that as long as are sure he has gone to the bathroom, if we ignore him, in only a couple minutes, he stops.  we also have bought a large stuffed animal to put in the crate him since he was sleeping with one of his litter mates and we put one of trevor's tshirts in there  so he will be reminded of us.  he likes to look at his reflection in the sliding glass door, sleep under tables, and runs into things a lot since he doesn't seem to be able to turn his legs fast enough when running.

in other fun news, he eats everything and his breath smells like pee :(

per the vets suggestion, last night we gave him a "greenie"- these chew toys that are supposed to be good for keeping them entertained and for cleaning their gums and teeth.  we thought oh great we can give him one of these every day.  he is eating it while we are eating dinner- all of a sudden he jumps up and it's nowhere to be found... we're thinking, "what?  did you swallow the damn thing?!"  turns out he did... so we call the vet and wind up bringing him to the vet at 9pm.  fortunately the vet said it would likely dissolve in his stomach but there was a risk that it could get lodged in his stomach or intestines and we would need to monitor him very closely over the next several days.  we set our alarm for every 2 hours to wake up last night to check on him but he seems to be doing ok.  still don't know how he even got that thing down his throat!!  after this very traumatic night he slept very soundly and was good the whole night.

we have two girls across the street that are home schooled high school students.  they are pretty much the sweetest people ever, so they will be watching him during the day while i'm at work.  they will come over twice a day to feed him, take him out, and play with him and take him on a walk.   we're so lucky to  have such great neighbors like them that we can trust!

here are some videos and pictures to entertain you....

yes, there is classical music playing in this video.... we play it for him in the mudroom so he is less lonely