Friday, July 1, 2011

home depot is a 2nd home

In the past few weeks we have been to home depot countless number of times.  More than once I have been there at opening hour in order to beat the "paint line rush hour" of mid day.  I'm starting to get to the point where I know the majority of the staff, they're recognizing me, and when I see someone from paint in the electrical department my first thought is "what's the paint guy doing over here".

we just returned from another eventful trip, bought a new rug at the rug sale for our family room.  i'm not sure if the colors are right, so we'll have to test it out.  we also got some wood to build a ramp for our shed out back.  our lawnmower has been taking up our garage for the past few weeks, so it will be good to get that out of there.

and our other major project for this weekend is to stain/seal the deck.  Although the deck is in decent shape, we aren't sure when the last time was that she stained it and some parts are kind of fading- we were thinking we would just seal it, but the HD friends said its better to do the stain with sealer built in.  HD seems to be pretty keen on selling these "combo" products, like paint and primer in one etc so i was skeptical but too tired to debate it with them.  our deck is very dark so they said to try and just match it to the best of our ability.  our thoughts are we will tackle that first thing tomorrow morning and then go to the farmer's market!!!

i have literally been looking forward to the trenton farmer's market for WEEKS now.  we heard about it from our neighbor (bob aka jonathan, the man that put out the fire).  he has lived in the area his whole life and worked there growing up and now his son is working there.  it's a massive farmers market with tons of vendors, even a fish market, jeweler, and baker come there every day all year round.  i am SO excited to see what its like!! originally we thought we would go there first thing in the morning but i guess with the deck we will wait until the afternoon.  I'll be sure to post later this weekend on how the farmer's market was, with pictures of course!

our house has been coming along pretty well.  our family room is completely painted and furniture moved in, we just need to decorate with pictures and change out the rug.  the new floors look great, i can't really even remember what the carpets looked like!  i am really glad we did that even though it was a big expense, I know it was worth it to improve the value of the home in the long run.  our bedroom has been painted and we love our new bedroom furniture.  Later this weekend i'll take some more pictures and show you the status of each room right now!

Hope everyone has exciting, fun, and relaxing plans for the holiday weekend.  ttyl!

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