Thursday, July 7, 2011

update from this past weekend

I recently updated settings on the blog so that it gets emailed to those of you that i think actually want to see this on a regular basis.  before i thought you could "subscribe" to the blog, but after conferring with blog expert brother, I have been advised that I need to manually choose who this gets emailed to.  apparently it can only be emailed to 10 people, so congratulations you made the cut.  (let me know if you don't want to get these emails!)

so last weekend was a nice long weekend.  we spent ALL day saturday doing the deck.  combind it took us over 6 hours.  WORST thing ever.  painting each individual rail is what took the longest time, and maneuvering around the bushes we have on the other side of the deck.  on sunday, my parents came over with baba my grandmother to have lunch and show her the house.  it was her first time there, she liked it but of course advised us, in her typical candor, that our dining room was too small and we needed pictures. :)  i told her we are getting around to that at some point! 

we have our housewarming party for friends planned for july 30th, we're very excited to show everyone our hard work!  but before then a lot needs to be done.  we will need to accomplish a lot this weekend!  we are planning on painting the living room, swapping out the rug in the family room, and moving furniture into the living room. 

also on saturday we get to go pick out our goldendoodle puppy!  we'll be picking up the puppy for good on july 31st (day after the housewarming party).  we are first pick of the litter  of 7 males.  we have already picked a name, otto, after otto the syracuse orange (mascot). 
i'll be sure to post some more pictures soon as i know this blog has been lacking!

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  1. You are getting a puppy!?!?! And I won't see it on the 30th? Damnitad! My brother's dog is named Otto - its a good name - he is awesome. Oh, and I subscribe to the blog via Google Reader, so you can tell people to do that if they want to follow the updates.