Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Introducing Otto :)

As most of you know we have decided to get a goldendoodle puppy!  this was a long awaited decision.  Both of us are dog lovers and I miss my dog who lives at home with my parents.  In our apartment, we were not able to have a dog so that is basically why we bought a house- just kidding :).  Trevor has been begging for a dog for months now and although life is a bit crazy right now we figure why not do it with a puppy :)

We found a breeder online and did a bunch of research.  We wound up being the first pick in the litter of 7 males and one female and went to pick out the puppy last weekend.  It was an extremely hard decision because they were all so adorable!!  However we somehow managed to slowly narrow it down to leaving us with only two.  Using my powers of persuasion, I convinced Trevor to get the one that I really wanted, with a good shaggy coat and a blended caramel color hair.  We are naming him Otto after Otto the Orange, the syracuse mascot (the most adorable and unintimidating mascot EVER), since Trevor is from Syracuse we feel we can bring a little syracuse into our home in NJ.

We will be picking up the puppy on the 31st.  yes this is the day after our housewarming party for friends but i really did not think it was a good idea to have a new puppy at that party and we also  have to be careful as to who hes exposed to until he has had all his vaccines.
Enjoy the photos and video below from the day we picked him out!

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