Tuesday, July 19, 2011

The trenton farmer's market, new furniture, and our garden

in my last post I wrote very excitedly about the trenton farmer's market and wanted to share some pictures of our experience with everyone.  It is technically in lawrenceville, and it is HUGE!  it is open all day year round.  we really enjoyed walking around and buying fresh fruit and vegetables, meat from the amish market, and even eggs, granola, honey, and fresh mozzarella.   I am thinking we will go here maybe once a month to get some nice things on a regular basis.

Additionally in the past few weeks we got our furniture delivered and have been enjoying rearranging it and actually having places to sit and sleep now :)  here is a funny video of trevor sitting in his recliner for the first time- which by the way is the most expensive piece of furniture we have bought so far!

And lastly I wanted to share some pictures of our garden and the plants we have around the yard.  we were quite fortunate to buy a home that already had some wonderful landscaping done because the woman we bought the house from, her son is a landscaper.  when we met some of our neighbors they were proudly telling us that they helped launch his career when years ago as a kid they hired him to mow their lawn.  apparently his career took off from there.  He even cut our lawn one last time the day we closed on the house.  anyways i definitely appreciate all the work that was put into the yard previously as it makes our yard feel much nicer and personalized and gives us some more privacy and defined space from our neighbors.  we've decided that this is not the summer to add more plants, we'll just work on the inside of the house this year- and next year after living here for a year we can add more to the yard.  eventually i would like to plant some more privacy bushes in our backyard to seperate our yards from our neighbors more but for now I am ok with it!  The outdoors is a whole other set of tasks to tackle from identifying the plants to learning how to care for each of them, but fortunately both my parents are very well knowledgeable in this area and have been helping us out!

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